Tunnel Oven


  • Each tunnel oven is tailor-made according to customers’product and capacity requirement.
  • Sinmag Tunnel Oven is operating in Malaysia, lndonesia, Panama and China.
  • Available with gas burner or electric heating element.
  • For gas tunnel oven, each burner can be switched on or off while other burner are working.
  • Total heat output can be changed according to product requirement.
  • For electric heating tunnel oven, the power of each electric heating element can be adjusted to meet product requirement.
  • We have good know how to have even baking of product.
  • Reliable and trouble free operation.
  • Products can be manually removed from the tunnel oven.Product can be moved out of tunnel oven by manually.
  • To work out a quotation, we need following data
  • products to be baked
  • baking time of each product
  • baking temperature
  • tray size
  • required capacity per hour
  • heating source – gas or electricity
  • space available in width and length
  • other special requirement
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Model  SMTV-G1500 SMTV-G2100  SMTV-G2700
SMTV-E1500  SMTV-E2100 SMTV-E2700
Tray Size (cm) 40X60 40X60 40X60
Max.Power (gas kcal/m) 17500 26250 35000
Max. Power (electric kw/m) 15 22.5 30
Average Power (gas kcal/m) 8750 13125 17500
Average Power (electric kw/m) 7.5 11.25 15
Chamber Width (mm) 1350 1950 2550
External Width (mm) 2260 2860 3460
Tray Layout
Remark Any size of tunnel oven can be customized according to requirements