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Sinmag Introduction

Sinmag Equipment (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Is one of SINMAG Group. Main company (Sinmag Taiwan) was established in 1983 and was listed in Taiwan stock market in 2007. Now a day we extended the manufacture not only Taiwan but also China and India. We have branch offices in many country and 40 bakery shops in China. Sinmag also have project cooperated the research with Taiwan cereal research Institute for new development.

Sinmag Group manufacture Bakery Equipments /Machines, Bake Ware, Cake and Bread Ingredients, and Show cases. We are professional to provide as customer demand. Sinmag is the biggest Bakery Machines Manufacturer in Asia


Sinmag  Culture 
• Understand customer’s requirement
• Respect customer’s special demand
• Reliable
• Fast response
• Keep on growing
• Keep on improving

Sinmag’s products such as Planetary Mixer, Spiral Mixer, Divider & Rounder, Dough Moulder, Baguette Moulder, Dough Sheeter, Proofer/Retarder, Convection Oven, Deck Oven, Rack Oven with Electrical system or Gas System, Bread Slicer, Donut Fryer, Water cooler, Tunnel Oven or Auto make up line. All product are made to meet customer’s demand for Factory, Supermarket, Chain Store or corner Bakery shop.
Our Customers

1. Supermarket:
• Tops (Central food retail company limited)
• Foodland Supermarket co., ltd.
• Carrefour
• Siam Makro Public Co., Ltd
• Big C Supercenter Public Co., Ltd

2. Chain store:
• Thai Yamazaki Co., ltd.
• Mr. Bun (Bun Company limited)
• Bapple (Big Apple International (Thailand)co., ltd.)
• Phungnoi Bakery
• Folies Co., Ltd.
• Intermezzo Co., Ltd.

3. Factory:
• C.P. Retailing and Marketing Co., Ltd.
• UFM Food Centre Co., Ltd.
• S&P Syndicate Public Co., Ltd.
• Srifa Bakery (Srifa Frozen Food)
• President Bakery Public Company Limited
• Bake at home (Aroma Group of Companies )
• Caffe’ D’Oro (Golden Cream Ltd.)
• Fai Health Foods Co., Ltd.
• IT Food Industry Co., Ltd.
• S.T.Bakery CO., Ltd.
• Gallo Thai Co., Ltd.
• Island 2000 Co., Ltd.
• Bonjour Co., Ltd.

4. Hotel:
• Miracle Grand Convection Hotel
• Chaophya Park Hotel
• Asia Airport Hotel

5. Flour Milling
• Bangkok Starch Industrial Co., Ltd.
• King Technomix Co., Ltd.

6. Ingredients and Bakery School:
• D-Best Grocery Co., Ltd.
• Rich Products Manufacturing (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

7. Bakery Shop:
• Little Home Bakery (1966) Co., Ltd.(Bangkok)
• Dang Bakery
• Jutee Bakery
• Fortune Bakery
• Pita house
• Kanom Baan Aum
• Roll Plu Tak
• S.Charoenkit
• Baker House
• Bee Bakery
• Chotiwat Manufacturing
• Kid Thung Bakery
• Muey Bakery
• Noi Bakery
• S.P. House
• King Kanok Kanom Thai(Petchaburee)
• Non Bakery (Nontaburee)
• Cake Raummit Coffee
• Pream Sook Bak